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About Us

Shannon, Owner, Designer and Founder of Live Montanably

I grew up in the small town of Philipsburg, where everyone helps everyone. Neighbors become family. Even those who leave and live elsewhere come back and appreciate this place.

I left Montana in 2000, taking a great adventure and living in different states for nearly 10 years. While I loved the adventure, I always missed home.
Montana really is a unique place. We are so proud of our state. This is where my inspiration for this apparel line comes come. We live under the big sky and take every bit of that fresh air in. We don’t just love Montana...we live Montana. We live in the outdoors. We live in the moments.  We fish, hike, board, ski, ride, rope, hunt, float, grow, play, drink, and love.
               We do it all Montanably!
The Montana life is a unique journey. A journey one can only experience by being in Montana. With Live Montanably, I hope to bring everyone something that they can connect with their personal experience in Montana!"


Melanie, Operations and Marketing Manager

"Montana is admittedly the last place I imagined living. I was born and raised in Texas then relocated to Montana for work at a national non-profit organization in 2014. It didn't take long for me to call Philipsburg home, buy a kayak and skis, and learn what being a Montanan is all about.

When Shannon approached me to help with Live Montanably, I couldn't resist! It's more than just a brand. It's the embodiment of a lifestyle    in a state I have come to love and embrace."