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Kryptek: Camouflage with Passion, Purpose

Kryptek is not your every-day, run-of-the-mill camouflage. It's not branches, leaves, dirt, or snow. Of course, you can see that just by looking at it--but don't let its non-traditional appearance deter you. This new, unique gear is innovative and rich with purpose.
Drew and Maranda, Kryptek Hunt Montanably Hats
Developed by two U.S. soldiers who share a common passion for serving their country in battle and big game hunting back home, Kryptek was founded with the goal of creating "technical and tactical outdoor adventure apparel." Their products are "continuously tested and proven in austere combat environments and extreme hunting conditions," with our troops as their main resource for new concepts, research, and development.
The patterns are designed to suit various aspects of hunting. The lighter "Highlander" pattern is the most versatile, for use in mixed terrain. The darker "Typhon" pattern reflects the darkness of night, where some choose to venture.
Kryptek Hunt Montanably Hats
At Live Montanably, we are proud to use Kryptek hats for three of our new Hunt Montanably designs. These hats paired with our designs make a 'hunt' hat unlike any other. They are filled with passion and purpose...and look great on!
Purchase one of our Hunt Montanably hats here:
Read more about Kryptek Outdoor Group on their website.
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  • Chuck FRiesz on

    These are sweet!! Montana home sweet home!!!!

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