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Find Us at Whimsy Boutique & Vintage Musings!

Next time you stop by Philipsburg, don't miss a chance to stop by Whimsy Boutique & Vintage Musings! Located next door to Boheme Coffee Shop, Whimsy offers something for everyone.
Whimsy Boutique Philipsburg Montana Full Outfit and Accessories

Whether you're looking for basic items for layering, something casual, something fancy, or a unique piece that you won't find anywhere else, locals know that this is the place to go. Owner Connie Donlan hand-picks each piece in the store and makes sure the latest designs from a few staple brands are always on offer.

Whimsy Boutique Philipsburg Montana MissMe Jeans and Accessories

Some of our favorites are MissMe Jeans and CC beanies. Pictured here with our "Be Free" shirt, are plum-colored MissMe jeans and a classic CC beanie in mustard.
Live Montanably Be Free Shirt with Whimsy Boutique MissMe Jeans and Other Items

It's a truly special shopping experience, and we're excited for Live Montanably to be a part of it. As we venture further into boutique-style clothing, we are excited for Whimsy to carry all of our pieces!
But why wait? Take a trip to Philipsburg, and see what treasures you may find!
Follow Whimsy Boutique on Facebook and find them at 134 E Broadway in Philipsburg, MT.

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