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Find Us at Flint Creek Outdoors and Blackfoot River Outfitters!

Rock Creek. Georgetown Lake. The Blackfoot. Flint Creek.

If you love to fly fish, you know that having the right flies and appropriate gear is key to not getting skunked. And if you live around Philipsburg or Missoula, you know where to go to get set up: Blackfoot River Outfitters in Missoula or Flint Creek Outdoors in Philipsburg.

Blackfoot River Outfitters, Missoula, MTFlint Creek Outdoors, Philipsburg, MT

Whether you’re new to fly fishing and need some guidance, are a seasoned pro needing to re-stock a fly or two, renting a paddle board, or wanting a guided trip, these two shops have you covered! Their staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and always helpful.

Flint Creek Outdoors, Philipsburg, MT

We’re excited to announce that both shops are now carrying Live Montanably hats and shirts! Flint Creek Outdoors is the exclusive carrier of Fish Montanably hats in Philipsburg, including our in-person-only “46-FISH” hats.

46-FISH Hats 

Blackfoot River Outfitters has our original collection of Fish Montanably hats plus “406-FISH” hats. Both locations carry our 406-FISH t-shirts.

Follow Flint Creek Outdoors and Blackfoot River Outfitters on Facebook, visit their website, and check out the latest article about them in the New York Times!

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